When it comes to your health and care, you don’t want to jump through hoops to gain understanding or get to the root of your problem. You want objective information and support to address the underlying issue or improve longevity and mobility.

Brunner Wellness (aka B Well) has recently partnered with Springbok Analytics to better craft injury management or performance plans that work for each of his individual patients. This partnership speaks to Dr. Brunner’s approach as a healthcare professional, an approach where he wants each of his clients to have a personalized plan that works for them. His practice is rooted in the most basic, but powerful human trait: the ability to adapt. He places a high priority on this trait and adapting to every single body in an individual way.

“No body heals or should be treated the same. I believe that each and every client should be treated accordingly. My unique process starts by looking at a wide range of internal and external factors to determine a solution to provide overall health and wellness.” - Dr. Brunner

Keep reading to learn more about this new partnership and how Dr. Brunner has become an accomplished wellness and functional medicine specialist.

How did Dr. Brunner get his start?

Dr. Brunner was an athlete growing up, so pursuing a career in the athletic space was a natural transition. Through athletics, Dr. Brunner encountered various injuries and wanted to pursue a preventative specialty within healthcare, which could have helped him as a young athlete. He went on to become a board-certified chiropractic sports physician and expert functional medicine practitioner. His extensive knowledge in functional health, athletics, and mobility allows him to provide targeted expertise for specific musculoskeletal injuries or deficits and holistic insights for long-term patient wellness.

What is Dr. Brunner’s practice?

B Well, based in Charleston, South Carolina, is a holistic, lifestyle practice that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized care.  Beyond chiropractic treatment, patients  receive targeted, high-tech care that focuses on the long-term health of their systems, rather than acute symptom suppression.  

How is Dr. Brunner leveraging Springbok Analytics?

Previously in the musculoskeletal space, providers had many assessments that helped understand movement or strength testing but didn't allow for an objective, rapid assessment of underlying musculature.

With Springbok, human performance specialists, like Dr. Brunner, are enabled to gain a foundational understanding of one's exact musculature – the size of each muscle, how it objectively compares across limbs, within its kinetic chain, and expected development patterns. After assessing one’s musculature, Dr. Brunner develops a personalized plan to restore movement, improve healing, and optimize performance.

How do Dr. Brunner and Springbok work together?  

With the Springbok platform, Dr. Brunner can provide a customized treatment plan for everyone. That means whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, you’ll have access to the same tools to help manage injuries or optimize performance. Dr. Brunner can look at your underlying muscle architecture through our 3D imaging model, in conjunction with your medical history and functional assessments to get the full story - providing true precision medicine.

Learn more about Dr. Brunner and his practice here.

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