Springbok leverages the accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging, the most advanced method for measuring muscle volume and health in human performance research.

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Springbok’s technology transforms complex MRI data into simple 3D visualizations for real world applications.


Rapidly identify individual muscle volumes, atrophy, and imbalances.

Data Aggregation

Compare data across populations to inform preventative care, athlete development and research and clinical decisions.

3D Visualization

Easily understand and translate complex musculoskeletal data.

Our Technology

Springbok uses MRI to quantify muscle properties to best understand an individual’s unique physiology.


Springbok uses artificial intelligence to automate the creation of a digital twin of a person’s musculature. AI can minimize the margin of error, overcome long processing times, and generate advanced details about the affected musculoskeletal structure.

Create a truly personalized and progressive care plan quicker, more efficiently and more scalable than traditional approaches.

Springbok Report

Grounded in extensive research, Springbok measures comprehensive muscle health, creating a detailed, color-coded, 3D model of the individual to quickly assess strengths and weaknesses. Our interactive viewer transforms your view of muscle providing a powerful assessment of muscle development and quality for clinical, sport performance, and research applications.

*For investigational use only, not for diagnostic purposes.

Our Solutions

Our first-to-market technology has a wide range of applications for injury management, performance optimization and the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Scientists have long understood the value of utilizing MRI for advanced musculoskeletal insights but have not been able to efficiently and reliably analyze these data. Springbok’s AI-powered technology provides rigorous and repeatable data analysis at scale.

Reliable, precise measures of muscle characteristics

Analyze musculoskeletal changes over time

Population-wide analytics to identify disease phenotypes

Objective measures to correlate with functional data and patient outcomes to assess intervention effectiveness

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Elite Sports

Springbok provides an unprecedented view of musculature, delivering key (actionable) data for athletes at every level to improve their health and performance.

Quantify specific muscle volumes, asymmetries and fat infiltration

Personalize workouts based on individual strengths and weaknesses

Objectively measure muscle changes over time

Develop post-injury treatment and injury prevention plans

Save time with non-invasive, time-efficient assessments

Ability to identify risks factors, track progress, and personalize care programs

Produce actionable data for the individual and across sports teams

Improve return-to-play decisions

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Human Performance

Springbok unlocks the potential in delivering personalized musculoskeletal care at scale. Building muscle mass and sustaining muscle volume across lifespan is critical for long-term health, the prevention of chronic disease, and quality of life. Springbok allows for advanced evaluation of the effectiveness of exercise, nutrition and interventions to preserve muscle health.

Muscle asymmetry to improve movement quality and agility

Fat infiltration to understand where to build muscle for precision targeting

Total muscle volume to accurately assess long-term hypertrophy goals

Make better connections among tissues and causes of dysfunction

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