Leveraging Holistic, Objective Data for Elite Athlete Training and Rehab

Charlottesville, VA – Springbok Analytics is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Proactive Sports Performance (Westlake Village, CA), the off-season home to some of the world’s most elite athletes. Proactive was founded by former D1 and NFL coach Ryan Capretta, who brought his long-held vision to life several years ago – creating a year-round, state-of-the-art athlete training environment that champions performance, longevity, and injury prevention. Renowned for customized programming and unique workouts, Proactive provides leading edge personalized fitness training and injury management programs to its professional athletes and other clients.

“As Proactive has grown, we’ve always sought ways to add more and more value to our athlete and client training programs,” said Ryan Capretta, CEO of Proactive Sports Performance. “Our personalized, tailored approach is core to what we do, and as we push our athletes to continually improve, we hold ourselves to that standard, too. The partnership with Springbok is a cutting-edge service offered by Proactive, giving us access to never-before-seen data that will directly help us improve training programs, rehab efforts, and overall client health.”

Springbok provides holistic, objective data analysis about musculature, giving health & wellness providers complete confidence when making essential decisions to reduce the risk of injury, rehab smarter, and optimize performance. By acquiring and transforming holistic musculoskeletal MRI data into an interactive 3D model, Springbok’s revolutionary AI-driven technology platform enables true precision medicine.

“We are so excited about our new partnership with Proactive Sports Performance,” said Scott Magargee, CEO of Springbok Analytics. “This partnership allows us to seamlessly integrate the Springbok platform into the Proactive community, presents new opportunities for us to help their clients understand their musculoskeletal  biomechanics, and will help to improve their training and recovery efforts by leveraging never-before-seen data. From our first conversation with Ryan, Tommy Andre and the rest of the Proactive team, we immediately saw a synergy and clear path to enhancing the great work they’re already doing.”

Data-driven decisions are becoming increasingly common, and essential, in healthcare’s transformation to precision medicine. From personalized athletic training to customized care and rehab plans based on a person’s individual physiology, acquiring precise data is the key. This is especially true for athletes and their trainers, physical therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, and sports medicine physicians. Whether developing a training program to reduce injury risk, doing a post-surgery rehabilitation assessment, or making a critical return to play determination, making these informed decisions require obtaining as much, and as accurate information, as possible.

The Springbok Analytics – Proactive Sports Performance partnership is the latest example of how precise, quantifiable data can inform the decisions necessary to deliver personalized care at scale.

About Proactive Sports Performance

Proactive Sports Performance is on a mission to provide every client a professional and innovative training experience that supports achievement of their individualized performance goals. We devote extraordinary care and attention to every client, whether you’re a multi-time MVP or a local mom just looking to get in shape.

Proactive is defined by our tight-knit, community atmosphere. Every new client is embraced as part of the PSP family. Our team and the clients we attract have created a one-of-a-kind culture that’s both intensely competitive and extremely supportive. www.proactivesp.com

About Springbok Analytics

Springbok Analytics’ AI-powered software platform transforms MRIs into three-dimensional analyses of muscle to enable true precision medicine. We deliver value for the health and wellness of large, diverse populations by providing objective insight and analysis to inform physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and scientists in personalizing the care of patients. Our first-to-market solutions have a wide range of application, including injury management, performance, and the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. www.springbokanalytics.com.

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