ACL Case Series
Join Joe Hart, Co-Founder of Springbok and Vice Chair of Research for UNC's Department of Orthopedic Surgery, as he discusses his ACL Case Series. The tracking of ACL rehabilitation often revolves around identifying persistent and treatable muscular deficits, enabling healthcare professionals to make critical decisions such as determining the appropriate time for a return to unrestricted physical activity. Much of Dr. Hart's research at UNC focuses on assessing muscular strength through isokinetic dynamometry and various functional tasks. However, to gain a comprehensive understanding of how other muscles may be affected, we extend the evaluation paradigm through the utilization of MRI.

Dr. Hart employs MRI-based muscle volume assessments to study patients who have experienced their first ACL injury, tracking their progress post-discharge from physical therapy. This study aims to evaluate muscle symmetry by employing the muscle volume assessment technique across all lower body muscles in a carefully selected group of four patients with varying levels of ACL injury and reconstruction. By leveraging this innovative approach, it sheds light on the impact of ACL injuries on the entire lower body muscular system and contribute valuable insights to the field.